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Module I: Introduction to Gas Chromatography

• Basic principles of Gas Chromatography
• GC Detectors
• Auto Samplers and Injectors
• Chromatography Software

Module II: GC Troubleshooting & Maintenance

• Identification of Issues
• Maintenance of GC Inlets , Detectors ( FID , ECD ) and Column Installation and storage
• Testing of Inlets of Leaks
• Establishment of Proper Split Flows
• Calibration of Gas Control System & Flow
• Optimization of Chromatograph – Base Line , Peak Shape , Retention Time Drift etc

Module III: GC Method Development

• Establishing Method Objectives
• Mechanisms of Separation
• Sample Preparation Protocols
• Column Selection
• Detector System Choice / Operation
• Optimization of Chromatographic Parameters
• Capacity Factor (k), Efficiency (N), Selectivity ( a ) and Resolution (R)
• Temperature Effects
• Appropriate Methods of Quantization

Module IV: Separation of Biopharmaceuticals through Gas Chromatography

• Sample Preparation
• Column selection
• Run GC
• Peak Identification
• Analysis


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