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Module I : General Techniques:

•Sterilization of equipment and Culture Media ( GLP )
•Lab QC
•Isolation of microbes from different sources
•Isolation and identification of fungal species
•Sterility Testing
•Various Staining Techniques
•Pure Culture Preparation
•Spore Counting

Module II : Characterization of Microbial Cultures

• Demonstration of sugar fermentation
• IMVIC Test
• Catalase activity for Hydrogen peroxide Production
• Oxidase activity test
• Carbohydrate metabolism test
• Determination of nitrate reduction by bacteria
• Starch hydrolysis test
• Gelatin liquefaction test(protein hydrolysis)
• Test for Lipase Activity
• Phenylalanine Deaminase production test
• Test for Lysine decarboxilase activity
• Degradation of sulphur containing amino acids for Hydrogen Sulphide Production
• Urea hydrolysis test
• Test for amylase production

Industrial Microbiology

Module III : Pharmaceutical Microbiology

• Endotoxin Test - Strategies for detecting interference; validation of special treatments to overcome interference and validation of the test for endotoxins by performing the Pharmacopeia Test for Interfering Factors.
• MIC Test
• Testing of antibiotics
• Sterility testing of injectables
• Bioassay of Vitamins

Module IV: Water & Food Microbiology

• Total Plate Count
• Counts of Yeast and Molds
• Isolation and identification of E.coli , Salmonella , Shigella , Vibrio etc
• Pathogen Analysis: Proficiency To analyze Food & Water related microorganism
• Preservative Efficacy Test
• Quantitative analysis of milk by standard plate count method
• Estimation of bacteria in milk
• Enzymatic test of milk
• Determination of phosphates activity
• Detection of Mastitis

Module V: Clinical Microbiology

• MIC Determination
• ESBL Detection
• Blood culture techniques
• Urine culture & analysis
• Isolation of micro flora from sputum

Module VI : Soil Microbiology

• Isolation of phosphate solubilizing microorganisms from soil
• Production of ammonia from organic compounds
• Bioconversion of ammonia into nitrate (nitrification test)
• Denitrification test
• Determination of nitrate production
• Isolation of antibiotic producer from soil
• Detection of siderophore producing microbes
• Measurement of microbial activity in soil by soil respiration method
• Isolation of fungal pathogens from soil

Module VII: Microbial Genetics

• Extraction of Nucleic Acid from Bacteria
• Amplification of DNA through PCR
• Bacteriophage Titration
• UV survival curve of E.coli or any other bacteria
• Site Directed Mutagenesis

Module VIII: Reporting:

• Maintenance of Data ( BIS Std)
• Quality Audit Tool Kit ( GMP , GLP, HACCP)
• Reporting of clinical samples

Module IX: Project Work


30 Days

Technical Assistance
& Laboratory Cost

Rs 5,000/-(30 Days Training)
Rs 15,000 + 3000 /-(3 Months Training )

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