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Module I: Introduction to the techniques of Protein Study

• Isolation of Protein from various biological Samples
• Purification of Protein Through Gel Filtration Chromatography
• Estimation of Protein by Lowry's Method
• Determination of Protein by Bradford's Method
• Determination of Protein by Lowry's Method
• Determination of Protein by BCA Method

Module II: Chromatography Techniques

• Gel Filtration Chromatography
• Ion Exchange Chromatography
• Affinity Chromatography
• Thin Layer Chromatography
• High Performance Liquid Chromatography
• Gas Chromatography

Module III: Purification of Protein through HPLC

• Analytical Method Validation of HPLC
• Volumetric Solution Preparation For HPLC
• Detection and Analysis of assay from HPLC
• Purity and Impurity Analysis from HPLC

Module IV: Protein Modifications

• Synthesis of Protein / Peptides
• Modification in Protein / Peptide
• Labeling of Protein / Peptide
• Conjugation of Protein / Peptide

Module V: Project Work


3 Months

Technical Assistance
& Laboratory Cost

Rs 15,000(Training Fees) + 3000(Project Fees)/-

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