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Course Overview

Biotechnology is the application of biological organisms, systems, or processes by various industries to learning about the science of life and the improvement of the value of materials and organisms such as pharmaceuticals, crops, and livestock. It is a relatively new and fast-developing field that integrates knowledge from several traditional sciences: biochemistry, chemistry, microbiology, and chemical engineering. The real future of biotechnology has more to do with chemistry than was ever imagined. Biotechnology depends on the ability to manipulate chemical structure. Opportunities are opening up for chemists across the biotechnology industry, offering the chance to work on the cutting edge of a dynamic and still largely developmental field. Biotechnology is a source of great promise for innovations ranging from improving the diagnosis and treatment of hereditary diseases, to safer drugs, to more environmentally friendly herbicides and pesticides, to microbial processes to clean up the environment. Making these promises a reality requires rethinking some fundamental assumptions.

An unique course for any Graduate, Researchers, Scientist or Professionals
S.NO Eligibility Fees
(Indian/ Overseas)
  1. Certificate Program in Biotechnology [3 Months] Rs.9,000/ $550
  2. Certificate Program in Biotechnology [6 Months] Rs.13,000/ $750
  3. Comprehensive Program in Biotechnology [12 Months] Rs.18,000/ $850
  4. Registration FeesRs.500/-
  5.Exam Fees For 3M, 6M & 12M Rs.500, 1000 & 1500


Candidates with MBBS / B.D.S / B.A.M.S / B.H.M.S /B. Pharmacy / BVSC/ B.Sc. (Nursing)/ M.Pharma are eligible. Educational qualification and experience in the field of medical sciences, life sciences, data management, and clinical research. Even B,Sc life sciences or B.Tech in Biotech are eligible for the course.

    Course Objectives

    The learning objectives are to:

    • Provide the participants with an introduction to the theory and practice of bioanalytical chemistry
    • Introduce students to Molecular Biotechnology, Eukaryotic-, Prokaryotic- and Plant-Biotechnologies, recombinant DNA technologies and their application in the Biotechnology and Biopharmaceutical Industries.
    • Introduce students to the principles of Process and Biochemical Engineering.
    • Introduce students to the role of Process Validation and Quality Assurance in pharmaceutical industry.
    • To be aware of the latest trends in good manufacturing, laboratory and validation practices.
Note: 1-Exam fees are excluded from Course fees.

2-Course fees can be paid by Demand Draft (DD) / At Par Cheque / Cash in favor of "IBRI-UNIT OF EXORDIOR TECHNICAL SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED" payable at "Noida/New Delhi".